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We’ve got wonderful news!

100% tracking of your
body signs important
for your fertility.

98,2% effectivness  
with scientifically
approved rules.

9x increases
your chances of
getting pregnant.

Gain total control over your fertility.

myWonder App

We have developed a proven, intelligent and effective solution that combines biochemistry-based algorithms, pioneering knowledge in the field, and an extensive body of experience related to women’s cycles over some 50 years.

Gain access to our fertility experts that will oversee your menstrual charting and give you feedback on any fertility issues you might have.

  • myWonder algorithm achieves 99,6% efficiency and 98,2% of effectiveness
  • Increases your chances of getting pregnant 9 times
  • Maximizes your chances for conception/contraception  
  • Requires daily input of basal body temperature, state of mucus and other data necessary for the assessment of fertility
  • All data entered is organized and displayed in a standardized medical report
  • A report for each cycle can be shared with a gynecologist or advisor for natural family planning
  • Facilitates a consultation with an advisor

myWonder App automatically processes all your data according to the sympto-thermal Sensiplan rules.

The app is free to use for the first three cycles (afterwards 4,49 $/month or 46,99 $/year).          

How can I learn to use the myWonder method to full effect?

And more answers to your questions, below.

All about us

Fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth are all very personal matters. By the same token they’re all part of the natural scheme of things, and can bring real joy and satisfaction to all involved. Yes, there are challenges – but there are real, natural solutions to those challenges. That’s why it’s important that the people behind the myWonder solution are all dedicated, experienced and truly engaged individuals. myWonder co-founder and principal consultant Simona Medvescek, PhD, is just such an individual.

Simona is a certified natural family planning advisor. She’s also a wife, a happy mother of five, and is dedicated to helping women take control of everything related to their fertility, cycles and overall personal health.

As a professional fertility awareness educator she has been helping couples get where they want to be for more than 10 years; and has successfully consulted with more than 200 women and couples to date.

She’s an active woman and always on the move – which involves some of her favourite hobbies, like sports and travel. She also has a big love of music, preferably on those rare occasions when she’s sitting still and taking some valuable time for herself.

Simona is not only personally committed to her work and her clients, she’s also well qualified. She has completed her training in accordance with the standards of the AG NFP working group from Köln, Germany – which formally requires that certified practitioners take part in continuing education sessions on an annual basis – and continues to train and stay abreast of the latest research findings and developments in the field.

She’s very aware of the importance of good overall health. With a formal background in chemistry together with her many interests she knows a lot about nutrition, and what people can do in terms of diet, supplements and more to get and stay healthy. Similarly, Simona also works in close collaboration with one of the most respected and successful German suppliers of natural supplements and cosmetics.


Just track my cycles?

5 user types

  1. I am a teenager. I have just got my period. I am confused about what is happening with my body. I would like to get to know more.
  2. During my cycle and my period, I have headaches and stomach cramps. I am worried about my condition. 
  3. I have a boyfriend. I would like to get to know more about my fertility.
  4. I live alone. I decided to change my lifestyle and calm down. I would like to feel my body and my femininity.
  5. Recently I become overweight. During the day I often feel heat waves and during the night I am waking up wet.


Prevent a pregnancy?

5 user types

  1. I have just finished my education and got my first job. Right now I would not like to get pregnant.
  2. I have a baby, which needs me all. I don’t imagine to get pregnant soon.
  3. I’m just gone through heavy surgery. I need time to fully recover. It is not a good time to have a baby.
  4. We have children. Their number is ideal for us. I would not like to get pregnant again. 
  5. I have grown-up children. I am not fit for another baby. 


Plan a pregnancy?

5 user types

  1. I have taken contraceptive pills/ patches hormone-based contraception for many years. Although I’m trying to conceive for a long time I’m not successful
  2. I’m running out of time to become a mum for the first time. My fertility is decreased substantially. 
  3. My lifestyle is very active. I’m under constant stress. I’m exhausted and tired. But anyhow I want to get pregnant.
  4. I’m waiting to begin with invasive procedures. I’m afraid of staying without a baby. I would like to turn a long waiting time into an additional chance to conceive. 
  5. I was seriously ill or gone through surgeries. My immune system is affected. I’m worried about pregnancy.