Some women get up very early, and often also get up in the middle of the night to tend to children or other concerns. And they can’t imagine having to take their temperature and keep track of their fertility signs (mucus, cervix) as well. What to do?

Measuring your basal body temperature with the thermometer takes just 3 minutes every morning, and you only need to have lain in bed one hour before measuring it.

You should observe your mucus 3 times per day or the cervix once per day – either one of these two parameters is fine, whichever you prefer – before taking a shower or urinating. Then you have to enter those values into the mobile app, where specific, advanced algorithms calculate new cycle parameters, i.e. your fertile/infertile days.


Some women’s menstrual cycles are very irregular. Can they still use myWonder?

Variations in the lengths of monthly cycles is not uncommon. Some 60% of women experience a cycle shift of roughly one week over the year. Of these 60%, almost half experience cycle shifts of more than two weeks. 

Cycle shifts are completely normal. myWonder allows you to accurately schedule fertile/infertile days in your personal cycle so that your overall cycle length becomes irrelevant. The method does not rely on a calendar or other statistical calculations, but is a symptothermal method, i.e. it tracks certain key fertility signs on a daily basis.


Can a partner or spouse play a part in the myWonder method?

Absolutely! Your significant other is more than welcome, encouraged even to take part. Including your significant other will open them up to a new perspective on joint fertility and expand their awareness and understanding of their female partner and her monthly cycle and what that means for her as an individual and for them as a devoted couple.


Can myWonder be used right after a woman stops using hormonal contraception?

Again, absolutely. myWonder will help you  even if you have just stopped taking birth control. Your charts will help give our certified natural family planning consultant a very good idea of your hormonal status and enable her to design the appropriate course and follow-up steps.


Some women travel a lot because for their work. Can myWonder be used if they’re out on the road a lot?

Certainly. The mobile app is available on your phone or tablet around the clock. All you have to do is remember to pack a thermometer.


Can you get pregnant if you have a thin endometrium (uterine lining)?

Certainly you can get pregnant, stay positive! But first you have to build a thick uterine lining. Here’s how:

  1. Be sure to move your body every day. You could run, swim, bike, do aerobics or gymnastics, or just simply take a walk. All of this exercise helps increase circulation to the reproductive organs. If you have a job that requires you to spend a lot of time sitting, try getting up and moving around for at least a minute every hour.
  2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night (8–9 hours is even better). Stay well rested to keep your hormone levels stable; estrogen and other hormones balance out while you sleep.
  3. De-stress: manage your stress by taking time to relax, by exercising, and doing things you enjoy and bring you a sense of peace and wellbeing.
  4. After the consult call, take herbal supplements that promote circulation, support adequate estrogen levels, are high in iron for healthy blood, and those that have a direct action on the uterus. 
  5. Some of these include: maca root as an estrogen controller; raspberry leaf works to tone the uterus muscles; phyto capsules for women that contain isoflavones, substances that are similar in structure to the female development hormone estrogen.
  6. Try estrogen therapy. But as a first step always consult with a fertility awareness expert or visit your OB/GYN (Hormones are delicate things, influence many of the body’s functions and behaviour, and are both natural regulators and indicators of any number of health-related conditions).

You can send any further questions or issues you may have on my email or contact me via the dedicated app.