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myWonder is a friendly mobile app that calculates your fertility. We believe that women should have control over their entire fertility journey, with a little help of basic science and IT technology.

myWonder app algorithm draws on the expertise of fertility experts with cutting-edge knowledge and everyday practical experience. It provides women with all the crucial information about their fertility and reproductive health. myWonder could determine whether they are on the right path – before they decide for the next step.

myWonder saves you time and energy only when you become familiar with your body observation and the app features.  The average monitoring time to get used with the app is 3–6 cycles.

We have developed a proven, intelligent and effective solution that combines biochemistry-based algorithms, pioneering knowledge in the field, and an extensive body of experience related to women’s cycles over some 50 years.  myWonder App automatically processes all your data according to the sympto-thermal Sensiplan rules. 

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